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Gemma Sanchez-Danes

EFRAG SR Leadership team

Gemma Sanchez-Danes is a member of the Sustainability Reporting Leadership team with a focus on the Social dimension.

In her role, Gemma manages and oversees the EFRAG SR Social team that works across the sector-agnostic, SME and sector-specific standards and its related implementation guidance. In addition, she leads the Materiality Assessment workstream with deliverables such as the Implementation Guidance and is researching and developing impact materiality practices.

Gemma is also working on the financial services sector standards, given her prior background on this sector given her prior experience on this sector. Before joining EFRAG in 2021, Gemma was a partner in the financial sector of a Big Four in the United Kingdom and Spain and trained as a chartered accountant in Bristol, where she started her professional career with international banking and insurance clients.

Since joining EFRAG, Gemma has been engaged in outreach efforts and presented the ESRS contents and EFRAG developments at conferences and courses.

Gemma holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and completed a Business Sustainability Management course from the Cambridge Institute for Leadership Studies (CISL).

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